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Are you are looking for something different? This is a fundraising program that is unique, exciting, and fun.

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You're awesome! We know it's a win / win when you support a good cause and get wicked cool games in return.

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Finally, a FUN Fundraiser!

Are you are looking for something different?  Something other than wrapping paper, cookie dough, candles or other “traditional” fundraisers?  Is your school is getting burned out on fundraisers? Do you need something for your families to get excited about?  Then this is the program for you!  It's all FUN and GAMES! offers you a product fundraising program that is unique, exciting, and fun. Remember kids are your sales force and if your sales force is excited, then your fundraiser is one step closer to being successful! And what’s more exciting to a kid than a catalog full of games!

  • Earn 40% profit for your organization
  • Over 100 best selling, award-winning games and kits in the catalog
  • Prices ranging from $14 to $32. Average price is $20!
  • Games, kits and toys for all ages, from preschoolers to adults
  • Earn FREE games for your organization!

Easy To Implement

We Provide...

A step by step fundraising guide

Marketing tools for your organization to ensure success

A catalog fundraising packet for each seller

No parent pick up - we ship the order directly to the student's home!


Why Games and Kits?

Great Gifts! Start holiday shopping early with this fundraising program

A product families will be excited about selling. An excited sales force is a successful sales force!

A chance to make connections with your kids, your family, and your friends

Reinforces social skills, cooperation, vocabulary, scinece and math skills.